Bank in Belize, Central America for Your Financial Security


Enjoy easy access to your accounts while providing a private and secure residence for your assets outside your home country. Belize is a stable and growing democracy with a currency pegged to the US dollar, a zero tax regime, and is now the leading International Jurisdiction for banking in Central America. With a 24% liquidity rate you can feel safe when your money is with Caye International Bank and you will have the opportunity to invest in new markets that are not accessible in the USA.

Private Offshore Accounts

Set-up your bank account without leaving your home while providing a secure environment for your money.

  • 24/7 Online Banking
  • View Account Balances
  • Safely Transfer Funds
  • Prepaid Mastercard

Setup an account online, which only takes 1-3 business days to open.

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Secure Offshore Lending

Benefit from Offshore Lending in a well regulated jurisdiction that enjoys economic stability.

  • Low Up-Front Points
  • Loans in US, CAD, Euro, Francs & Pounds
  • Negotiable Rates, Terms & Ammortizations

Learn about advantages you can't get in America, Canada or Europe.

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Freedom to Invest

Find new financial opportunities in world markets with offshore investments. Start the conversation today with one of our financial experts and find out how to secure your assets in a truly private environment.

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